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I thought I would share with you the events of one of my recent days in the House.

I met with a couple of MP’s that I have known for some time but my visits were very different to previous occasions.

With one I sat and talked about a “season in the political wilderness” that they had been experiencing in recent times. This is not uncommon in politics with the ebb and flow of leaders and parties and differences in policy and culture, or when a personal or political indiscretion or mistake occurs. But as they began to tell me about the time away from their desired role and position I very much saw a real and significant change in attitude and expression. No longer was there a hardness and desire to be totally in control of circumstances, and no indication of regret or bitterness. This person had encountered the God of love and the God of provision in the midst of a dark time. What a joy to listen to the process and revelation that had occurred over many months and the sense of wonder newly found. As we prayed together I was the one ministered too and touched by the love and grace of God. I left their office in awe at the goodness of God and the wonder of seeing Him transform a person who I believe will one day hold high office and a significant role in our nation.

The other was very different. I sat and listened to a tale of physical and mental transformation, from a “boozy” and devil-may-care attitude to one of discipline, newfound physical fitness  and an increased awareness of their effect on those around them. This person does not yet call themselves a Christian but desires to honour and bless others and is beginning to understand what it means to love. As we sat and drank tea from a silver service, made and poured by them, we had a very profound discussion about the journey towards God for each of us. I was able to share some of my testimony of how God had rescued me and then to pray for them and their family. I left that office seeing change and tenderness in their eyes and an assurance that God had touched and drawn them closer.

Each day in parliament is very different and some are full of obvious blessings and others seem rather insignificant but my desire to be there and to pray has not diminished at all. Even with a recent bout of poor health I still managed to get in there and only missed two days of sittings.  God is so good. There are now only two sitting weeks left this month and then a break till early February when parliament resumes.

It has been interesting to watch the election in the USA and observe the very divisive and bitter contest. Yet I was also pleased to see many prophetic  words declare an outcome that the media and others failed to see coming. I feel so encouraged that prayer and faith in the goodness of our Lord will overcome and that we will see our nation step into the will and purpose of God. Our bible tell us that some bad and sombre things are part of the future but it also tells us that if we pray then our land can and will be blessed,  for He says that He desires that none should perish. Transforming our nation from the top down is very much part of that process.


It is so good to be able to tell Parliamentarians that there are people from all around our great land praying for them and their families.

Blessings to you all.

Gordon Matton-Johnson

Parliamentary Prayer Team

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