Bob & Kerry Miles

Bob & Kerry Miles

Bob & Kerry Miles were commissioned as Apostles in HIM Australia recently at our annual HIM conference.
have a heart and a passion for people to encounter the manifest presence and love of God and move into deeper relationship with Him. They have been blessed by seeing lives transformed. They currently minister together at Living Faith Uniting Church in Brisbane and to the wider Church across Queensland. Encouraging an environment in which people can be released in their spiritual gifts and equipped to live them out is a priority in their ministry.


Paul & Pam Segneri

Paul and Pam pic

Paul & Pam Segneri were commissioned as Apostles in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.
Paul & Pam have been in ministry together for over 20 years. They are co-founders of Integrity Restoration Ministries which is an Apostolic hub that facilitates restoration, establishment and release of ministries into every area of society – the seven mountain mandate; strengthening prayer and worship lifestyles with a powerful prophetic edge encompassing teaching, training and releasing of all generations.
They also produce firestartersTV which is a magazine style show interviewing national and international leaders who have the Fire of God on their ministry or business. FirestartersTV – taking the Fire of God to the Nations!
They have church plants in three nations and a strong missions focus. Paul and Pamela operate strongly in the prophetic through preaching and worship.

Donna Ho


Donna Ho was commissioned as a Marketplace Apostle in HIM Australia at our annual HIM Conference.

Donna is an entrepreneur with a heart for the Nations.  A pioneer, visionary, innovator, and connector, she is able to see beyond the current state of affairs to recognize the next move of God for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the nations.  Her desire is to see everyone come to know Jesus Christ through an experience of His incredible love for them. From her teens, Donna was in the import and export family business, including timber, fashion, furniture, seafood and technical equipment. Donna has a passion for the apple of God’s eye, the State of Israel and the Jewish people.  She organized a series of conferences in China with speakers invited from Israel for the purpose of enhancing cross cultural friendships and world views in both nations.  She is a director of an association that is connected with a Chinese business network of over 7000 members.  She is working with them to see beyond economy and finances for the mutual benefit of the nations of Australia, China and Israel, leading them to enter into the Kingdom mindset.

Gordon & Gayle Matton-Johnson


Gordon & Gayle Matton-Johnson were commissioned as Marketplace Apostles in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference. Gordon has a passion for politicians and government. Since an encounter with the Holy Spirit at “The Call” Sydney in 2004 he has regularly visited Parliament House in Canberra to pray for, and minister with our nation’s leaders. With the support of Gayle he leads the Parliamentary Prayer Team, a national network of people who pray for our leaders. For seven years he facilitated a regular Governmental prayer meeting on the Gold Coast with a group of seasoned intercessors. He has served as a leader and pastor, been on staff at two churches in Queensland and planted a church in Tasmania.

Gordon and Gayle work closely with other Christians working in our national parliament in Canberra. They have been part of HIM Australia, since its inception. In 2015 they moved to Canberra to be able to minister to our national leaders on a permanent basis, they have four adult children.

Suzette Torti


Suzette Torti was commissioned as a Marketplace Apostle at our annual HIM Conference.
Suzette is Pastor at Open Heaven Ministries Int.on the Gold Coast:
She oversees Bi-Monthly business meetings: hosting Kingdom Investors, Gold Coast Chapter with Dave Hodgson Host and presenst a bi-monthly business meeting called Open For Business
Suzette oversees a Business Intercessors Team who pray for about 120 businesses (Australian and overseas) and they receive individual prayer letter emails every fortnight. These businesses also ring and email for specific prayer when needed.
Suzette is Intercessor for two international businesses a Life and business coach, produces a Weekly business email; Sends teachings to 13 churches overseas (Kenya, Rwanda, Pakistan, Burundi, Philippines, etc) and has adopted two state schools and host morning teas to honour the teachers every term and give funds to the school community for needy children.

Neale & Christine Gear


Neale & Christine Gear were commissioned as Marketplace Apostles in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Neale & Christine believe in ‘Making a Difference’, through blending business/market place with ministry.
In 1994, they launched their business, GHS International, and embarked on a journey in the market place, to do just that – make a difference.
With a passion for God and people, and a commitment to bring growth and change into the lives of others, they have created an empowering leadership culture within their business, with their strong belief in servant leadership and commitment to excellence.
In 2003, Neale and Christine formed a registered charity called Eagle House, for the purpose of providing practical and transformational opportunities for women and children in crisis situations, which they ran for 5 years.
As well as being Parents to 3 adult boys, and Business Owners, Neale and Christine are Entrepreneurs, lead and are a part of multiple streams within the Church, and are board members of The Cage Foundation. Christine has been a mentor, coach, leader, international speaker and trainer, and member of numerous strategic planning forums and committees.Their love for people, passion for business excellence and commitment to marketplace ministry, positions them powerfully to bring Glory to the Kingdom of God.

They often teach:  ‘It’s not about you’ –  Neale and Christine believe that if you take your eyes off yourself and focus on others, your life will change along with the lives of those you encounter.

Malcolm & Maree Zimmerman


Malcolm & Maree  Zimmerman were commissioned as Marketplace Apostles in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Malcolm has worked for the past 35 years as a clinical Psychologist. He is now the Managing Director of Zimmerman Family Consultants.  His passion is to restore life values and penetrate walls of isolation and division. By working with children, adolescents and parents he brings hope, wisdom and direction to the Family Mountain.

Maree and Malcolm have been an integral part of the River of life journey and have served in leadership for the most part of 30 years.

Maree has from the early days of renewal, stewarded the prophetic and intercessory gifts on her life. She has fostered a deep love for the presence of the Holy Spirit and the word of God and has served on many national and international ministry trips.  Modelling transformation with a passion, she desires to see the body of Christ come into fullness and maturity in the prophetic.

Anne Banks


Anne Banks was commissioned as a Prophet in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Anne is recognised as a Prophet whose proven integrity combined with her strong and accurate revelatory gifting has brought strategy, breakthrough and encouragement to individuals, churches, businesses, government and the marketplace for over 15 years.  Anne is  the Director of Chayah Consulting and consults to Seven Mountain Leaders.   Anne has empowered and equipped many in their gifting in meetings, schools and conferences through preaching, teaching and training in Australia and Overseas.  Anne has a strong commitment to the local church and is the Director of the Prophetic Academy at Worship Centre, Brisbane.


Glen & Hyunmi Vines


Glen & Hyunmi Vines were commissioned as Prophets in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Glen was a pioneer missionary working amongst the unreached peoples of Tibet for 17 yrs. During which time he was engaged in church planting, prophetic intercession, translating the New Testament and training other missionaries. In 1998 Glen met his South Korean Wife Hyunmi Kim who had also come out as a missionary to Tibet. They married in 1999.In 2007 they returned to Australia and started a ministry outreaching to Chinese and Koreans.

Glen started the Strategic Warfare Intercessory Network [Strategic WIN] gathering, training and activating people in Spiritual Warfare, Prayer, Intercession, Inner healing and prophetic ministry. Glen ministers to and mentors a number of churches and ministries including a lot of Asian churches. In 2011 Glen became a member of HIM Australia as well as the Australian Prophetic Council.

Feb 2013 Glen and Hyunmi planted Lion’s Roar House of Prayer in Sunny Bank area of Brisbane. Lion’s Roar is a Forerunner Ministry in the Spirit and Power of Elijah and a House of Prayer in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David. Lion’s Roar has a strong focus on raising up the next Generation and runs bi-lingual English and Korean meetings.In his 26 yrs of ministry Glen has ministered in the following nations, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Solomon Islands and the USA.

Andrew & Mia Zimmerman


Andrew & Mia Zimmerman were commissioned as Prophets/Apostles in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Mia is an ordained minister, a registered marriage celebrant and birth support worker in her own business called Life’s Journey. She is also a member of the River of Life leadership team known as the “Salties”. She is a woman of grace with a vision to eliminate fear and empower woman and people into their authentic expression.

Andrew is the lead pastor of River of Life Church, and is the founding director of Living Strategies Accounting and Tax. He carries a heart to release people into sonship and know the Father’s heart. Both Andrew and Mia have 3 Children and have been married 15 years. Both are called to the family , religion and business mountains.



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