Kayleen & Scott Jensen


Kayleen & Scott Jensen were commissioned as Prophets in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Scott  was born and raised on the mission field of Papua New Guinea. He carries his father’s desire to see the people and the nation of Bouganville restored and prosperous. Kayleen’s gifting in the prophetic arts has seen her paintings encourage many people nationally and internationally. Scott and Kayleen serve on the leadership at the River of Life Church. They have been married for 20 years and have 2 beautiful girls.

Kayleen was anointed a Prophet in the house of River of Life in August this year.

Mal & Edith Kennedy


Mal & Edith Kennedy were commissioned as Prophets in HIM Australia at our annual HIM Conference.

Mal and Edey are the senior leaders of Set Free Christian Community on the Gold Coast. They are passionate about bringing the love of Jesus to people in today’s society and to help people understand the fullness of grace operating in their lives.

Their heart is to see the Kingdom of God manifested and advanced in individual’s lives, their city community as well as in the body of Christ, through Kingdom ministry.

Sheena Ryan


Sheena Ryan was commissioned as a Prophet in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Sheena  is based in Australia, and has a passionate heart to see people’s lives restored, so that they can find their place of service in the body of Christ and become a part of Gods’ end time army. Sheena has held staff pastor positions for nearly twenty years, in Christian Outreach Centre Churches, [now called International Network of  Churches].She has a Diploma of Ministry, Diploma of Counselling and a Cert 1v in workplace training. She has established and overseen prayer training and ministry schools, and established a prophetic school which she has facilitated in many nations including Australia. She has also trained counsellors and facilitators, and established and overseen specialist recovery programs. Sheena has many keys that will bring release to peoples’ lives, and has written two books, “ Pathways to Destiny” and “21st Century Prophet”

Her prophetic mantle has been increasingly recognised by churches and movements  across the world, and she has regularly ministered in fifteen nations and many different church groups, with great impact and change occurring in both individual lives and churches.

Neil & Judy Malaquin


Neil & Judy Malaquin were commissioned as Prophets in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Neil and Judy have been married for 39yrs and have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

Their call has been to love the Lord with all their heart and to be found faithful unto him in the local church.

They have faithfully served the local church in different capacities in NZ and Australia, and now travel and minister in the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland , Scotland, Cambodia, Kenya and Amsterdam under HIM and under the banner of their own ministry of Run Free with EL Bethel God Of The House Ministries. They both carry a strong Apostolic/prophetic mantle and called to be a blessing, pray, prophecy, teach, train, encourage and build up the body of Christ in Australia and the nations of the world.


Ray & Billie-Sue Landers

Ray & Billie Landers

Ray & Billie-Sue Landers were commissioned as Prophets in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Ray & Billie-Sue are a sought after ministry family. They have an anointing to transform the economic structure of families, businesses and churches. The plan of God for giving and receiving is awakened in people’s lives throughout these sessions. They draw from incredible personal life experience in business mergers and acquisitions, while creating a correlation of Biblical spiritual revelation.

God has released Ray & Billie to travel the world teaching these Godly principles. The Landers live on the same family farm in Illinois where they raised their 4 children. Ray trains and equips young people in business finance while developing a relationship with God. Ray has a desire to restore the family unit and release a blessing on a generation.



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