Glen & Hyunmi Vines


Glen & Hyunmi Vines were commissioned as Prophets in HIM Australia at our annual HIM conference.

Glen was a pioneer missionary working amongst the unreached peoples of Tibet for 17 yrs. During which time he was engaged in church planting, prophetic intercession, translating the New Testament and training other missionaries. In 1998 Glen met his South Korean Wife Hyunmi Kim who had also come out as a missionary to Tibet. They married in 1999.In 2007 they returned to Australia and started a ministry outreaching to Chinese and Koreans.

Glen started the Strategic Warfare Intercessory Network [Strategic WIN] gathering, training and activating people in Spiritual Warfare, Prayer, Intercession, Inner healing and prophetic ministry. Glen ministers to and mentors a number of churches and ministries including a lot of Asian churches. In 2011 Glen became a member of HIM Australia as well as the Australian Prophetic Council.

Feb 2013 Glen and Hyunmi planted Lion’s Roar House of Prayer in Sunny Bank area of Brisbane. Lion’s Roar is a Forerunner Ministry in the Spirit and Power of Elijah and a House of Prayer in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David. Lion’s Roar has a strong focus on raising up the next Generation and runs bi-lingual English and Korean meetings.In his 26 yrs of ministry Glen has ministered in the following nations, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Solomon Islands and the USA.

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