Richard Oddie


Richard Oddie was commissioned as an Apostle at our annual HIM conference recently. For over a period of nearly 30 years now, Richard has been involved in the Music Ministry, primarily with worship teams, song writing, worship leading and Bible teaching. He has written many songs, some of which have been sung world-wide and recorded by artists both here and overseas. He has recorded many projects for others and for himself.
His passion is to see people trained up and released into their full purpose, training individuals and teams to be utilised powerfully and prophetically.
Travelling to places such as the USA, the Pacific Islands, Nepal, South East Asia and Canada, he has been an encourager and mentor for those involved in the worship ministry.
His passion now (and for the future) is seeing the next generation of lead worshippers (whether they be musicians, singers, song-writers or creative artists) released, trained and equipped for the Kingdom of God and for revival.   Find him on YouTube

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