Wendy Schuster

Wendy Schuster

Wendy Schuster was commissioned as an Apostle recently at our annual HIM conference. Wendy is a Prison Chaplain serving in two women’s prisons in Brisbane.  Wendy, together with her husband Ian, founded Taking Life Back to create a formal outlet for a broader range of support for prison inmates and their families.  A cornerstone ministry of TLB is placing easy to read bible studies into the hands of both male and female inmates free of charge.  Wendy has written over fifteen bible study books in a style that communicates simply, yet effectively, the truths and principles of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Wendy’s passion is to see these men and women break free of those things that have stopped them from living the full life God has planned for them.  While ministering to inmates Wendy will often find herself equally engaging with their families.  It is common knowledge that the families of inmates will do harder “time” and Wendy has found many creatives ways to support these families.

The area of prison ministry is often not pretty and it is interacting with people who have not always had the best start in life. Wendy has always seen this as a privilege to be a part of their story and offer another way, the one way – the love of Jesus Christ and His amazing Grace.


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