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News from the Gordon Matton-Johnson 

It is now three weeks since Parliament finished sitting and the election campaign is in full swing. My final week in the House was filled trying to connect with as many retiring members as possible and hearing about what their lives will look like after politics. I also endeavored to touch base with some who have a real battle to retain their seats, especially some in the senate. My encouragement to those with a sense of God’s calling was to continue to believe despite the apparent circumstances facing them electorally.

Much of my time in the House was taken up with those who face big challenges personally  with their own health or issues, or that of a close family member. It is difficult to live in the public eye and yet face some very trying private circumstances at the same time. I often say to parliamentarians that if they have their own lives in order then the nation will be better off as a result because they are then able to give their best to God and our nation. That of course is a significant part of my time, to attend to the spiritual and emotional welfare of our leaders.

A large part of my time is spent praying through the halls and corridors and asking for God’s blessing over our nation. I had the privilege of escorting my Mum around the building in April. She lived in Canberra when Parliament House was being built and was part of the prayer and praise events when it was opened in 1988. I was also honoured to pray in the house with  several other visitors including Sheena Tranta who prays in the UK parliament.

As I listen to others outside the parliament I notice a very real cynicism and lack of trust in our parliamentarians. Much of this attitude is deserved of course but my reply is that they are representative of the state of our society. Therefore unless we all work to heal and transform our society then our pollies will not change and our nation will not improve. We are blessed with a greater proportion of Christians in our parliament than in the general population and for that we must continue to give thanks.

As always I say don’t whinge about them, pray for them, 1 Timothy 2:1-2. We should also continue to lift up those who serve our leaders as well, the Joseph’s, Esther’s and Daniel’s that God has positioned in key places within our government.

Please continue to pray for our nation and especially for those God has chosen to be elected. Pray also for truth and righteousness in our media at this time. The media wield far too much influence in our politics and should report , not make the news.

Yesterday as I walked the nearly empty halls praying I was almost undone with the desire to see all those MP’s that know God come into a greater knowledge of Him and know His love more completely. How can we possibly be our best without Him touching our hearts.

Thank you all for your ongoing prayer and support.