The 7M Mandate

What is the 7Mountain Mandate?

The seven mountains are:7m-Row

Business | Government | Media |  Arts & Entertainment | Education | Family | Religion

There are many subgroups under these main categories eg sport, science, medicine etc.

The Mandate is to fulfil 2 scriptural commissions: Gen 1:26-28 – the original covenant that shows us why God created us and our mission on the earth, and Matt 28:19 – we are to disciple nations.

It is a Strategy to be more effective as Christians in the culture through recognizing our assignment in specific spheres of influence

It is a Picture of how to advance the Kingdom of God in this generation

Sadly the Church has retreated over the years from its place of influence over these mountains. When we lose our influence we lose the culture and when we lose the culture we fail to advance the Kingdom of God. 

Central to the Strategy is that we need to reach the top 3% of the population who influence culture. Why? We have believed that the greater the Christian presence in a city, that is, people who call themselves Christians and attend Church regularly, the greater the benefit to that city – it will be a better place to live. However, evidence does not support this thought. There are many examples, including Dallas which was studied as being the most Christianized city. However, social and economic criteria showed that you would not want to live in Dallas due to its high crime rate, poverty, racial tensions, injustice etc. Any wonder that when Pastors of the city were interviewed and asked, “As a Christian leader what is your response to the condition of your city?” they all responded “This is not my concern, I’m a spiritual leader.” 

Martin Luther said, “A Gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not the Gospel at all.”

 It is a mistake to believe that the culture will shift because of a Church revival or a societal awakening. Peter Wagner identified the key to sustained societal transformation is not to convert masses of people but to acknowledge that everyone is led by the decisions of the approximately 3-5% of people who make the decisions in each of these arenas of influence. It is possible to affect cultural change by converting current leaders or promoting new Kingdom Minded, Kingdom Motivated leaders into the places of greatest influence


HIM: Changing Lives. Transforming Cities. Discipling Nations

It is the Vision of HIM to see all three things fulfilled: Lives changed, Cities Transformed and Nations Discipled.

The 7M strategy keeps us moving forwards in the progression of the vision, therefore, it’s not an add-on, optional, passing fad message. It’s not just for a few people to go down that track, it’s for all of us to seriously take a hold of and run with so that we finish the assignment and complete the mission Jesus gave us.

Revival and Reformation must run together continually over the generations with everyone being equally committed to both and honouring both. 


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